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Kale & Veggie Chunky Yogurt Dip Sauce

Kale & Veggie Chunky Yogurt Dip Sauce

One of my not so good habits is snacking… I would rather have a little bit of everything instead of just one thing, and this habit can create a problem for my waistline.  When having a house party or friends coming over it’s easy to have conversation with little bites of food rather than a huge meal in your mouth, but in excess we all know snacking is not healthy. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, table-side snacks are a popular and easy thing to have, so it's important to find ways to keep the snacks on the table clean and  healthy without sparing taste that will make everyone happy. And with a healthy substitutions like this on the snack table no one will miss the ranch dip or fattening cheese sauce. Additionally, when I am not in my final phases of competition prep I look for ways to flavor up my chicken & fish in order to make it more enjoyable and less “diet like”. A lot of times I will use salsa or mustard, but even that can become routine. 
So I created a dip/ sauce that I that is a healthy substation to the heavy creamy dressings that is great as a dip, sauce, chicken wrap dressing, you name it! Seriously, I enjoy this just by itself it’s that good! Store it in the fridge and use it as you see fit! J

3 cups of fat free Greek yogurt
1 bushel of kale (about 3 cups finely chopped)
¼ cup shredded fresh green apple
½ a medium cucumber shredded
1/4 cup diced red pepper
1/4 cup diced green pepper
1/8 cup shredded red onion
1 small radish shredded
¼ cup chopped green apple
A few sprigs of diced dill
a few leave of fresh mint
1/8 cup water chestnuts or cashews coarsely chopped
3 tbsp. of white wine vinegar
1 fresh squeezed lemon
2 tsp. poppy seeds
1 clove of garlic (finely diced)
1 tsp. of Black pepper and sea salt to taste
Celery salt
2 tbsp. whole grain mustard
2 tbsp. Agave nectar or honey

Once you have all the veggies sliced, shredded and diced, the hard work is done! Add the spices to the Greek yogurt and mix in all the veggies. Voila, your dip is done! All the veggies are optional and you can add or remove as you wish. If you want to make the dip a little creamier add more yogurt till it’s the consistency you like. An optional choice is to add Xanthan Gum to the yogurt to bind it together to avoid water separation. Just a few teaspoons and it does the job!

Fun Facts:
Kale is low in calorie high in fiber and has zero fat and is filled with powerful antioxidants. Additionally Kale has more calcium in it than milk. 

Greek yogurts contain twice as much protein as traditional yogurts because it takes more milk to make 1 pound of Greek yogurt versus the same amount of traditional yogurt. Yet Greek yogurt is lower in sodium, carbohydrates and sugars because these nutrients are removed along with the excess whey. Protein-rich foods are satisfying, which is helpful for weight management, and fat-free Greek yogurt is a beneficial choice for those monitoring their carbohydrate, sugar or sodium intake. Similar to traditional yogurt, Greek yogurt contains live active cultures that promote digestive health. Because it is not as runny as traditional fat-free yogurt, Greek yogurt makes a suitable healthy substitute for sour cream.

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